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Waterjet cutting is a versatile and precise machining process that uses a high-pressure water stream. When mixed with abrasive particles, it can cut through a wide range of materials. This technology is used for cutting metals, plastics, composites and stone. The process is known for its ability to produce intricate shapes with minimal material waste. It is also valued for its accuracy, minimal heat-affected zones and environmental friendliness. Many industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and art, use this process as it offers a flexible and efficient cutting solution.

At Heliarc Engineering Pty Ltd, our waterjet cutting provides precise cuts for various materials. Using this cutting-edge technology, we deliver excellent results and integrate designs. From metals and plastics to composites and stone, our state-of-the-art equipment ensures clean, burr-free edges. This environmentally friendly process offers unmatched accuracy for tight tolerances. Whether it is for industrial, architectural, or artistic applications, our waterjet cutters offer a reliable solution for all your cutting needs.

Our High-pressure Waterjet Cutting Services

We provide the following waterjet cutting services in Perth at very competitive rates:

  • Profile Cutting: Profile cutting involves precision cutting of flat materials along a two-dimensional plane to create customised shapes and patterns. This versatile process is widely used in manufacturing, construction and fabrication. Waterjet cutters deliver high accuracy, enabling the production of intricate components.

  • Dual Head Cutting: Dual head cutting involves using a cutting machine equipped with two cutting heads. It allows for simultaneous cutting or the ability to perform different operations concurrently. This setup enhances efficiency and reduces production time, making it suitable for industries where throughput is crucial. Dual head cutting can be used with waterjet metal cutting to work on large sheets or multiple materials simultaneously. This is an excellent way to optimise the cutting process for improved productivity.

The Process of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting uses a water stream more powerful than the power washers at a car wash. Using highly pressurised water mixed with abrasive materials, waterjet cutters can penetrate all types of material with an extremely high accuracy level. Two distinct methods are used by various industries – computer-controlled water jets and abrasive cutting jets.

Both methods are suitable for cutting soft and hard materials. Computer-controlled jets typically work better on softer materials. Here, highly pressurised waterjet streams are focused on the material to produce cuts. In comparison, abrasive cutting mixes coarse particles with the water jet stream. This makes it suitable for cutting harder materials like metal or glass and delivering precise cuts.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting services provide numerous benefits to various industries. Here are some of the advantages this technology provides:

  • Versatility: It is suitable for various materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, glass and stone. This makes it a preferred choice in industries with diverse material-cutting requirements.

  • Precision: High-pressure water cutters deliver highly accurate cuts. CNC-controlled waterjet machines can follow intricate patterns and produce complex shapes without causing material distortion or thermal damage.

  • No Heat-affected Zone (HAZ): Unlike traditional methods, like laser or plasma cutting, this process does not generate heat. This absence of a heat-affected zone prevents changes in material properties, such as hardness or metallurgical structure.
Why Choose Heliarc Engineering Pty Ltd for Waterjet Cutting in Perth?

Heliarc Engineering Pty Ltd stands out as the premier choice for waterjet cutting in Perth for several reasons. Our state-of-the-art facilities boast the latest technology, ensuring unmatched precision and efficiency in every cut. Moreover, our team guarantees optimal results, allowing for intricate designs and accurate shapes across various materials. Our experience lets us deliver superior results for new designs or machinery repairs. Whether you are working on metals, plastics or composites, our waterjet cutters will meet your expectations. You can call us on 0451 144 785 or email us at workshop@heliarc.com.au for more details.

Waterjet cutting is suitable for cutting a wide range of materials. This includes metals (steel, aluminium, titanium), plastics, glass, ceramics, composites and stone.
Yes, waterjet cutting is highly suitable for smaller, intricate designs. The precision offered by CNC waterjet machines produces highly detailed and complex shapes.
Waterjet cutting works well even on thick materials. It can effectively cut through multiple sheets and blocks, irrespective of their thicknesses.
The cost of waterjet cutting varies from one service provider to the next. It is also based on factors such as material type, thickness and design complexity. It’s best to obtain quotes from service providers for specific projects. You can contact us to get a better estimate of our waterjet cutting services.
The turnaround time for waterjet cutting services depends on several factors. This includes material type, thickness and design. Generally, waterjet cutting offers efficient and quick processing, but specific timelines may vary by project and should be discussed with the service provider.

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