The Best Sheet Metal Bending Service in Perth

Our sheet metal bending services employ state-of-the-art and modern techniques. You can rely on our CAD-designed equipment to deliver precise cuts and sheet bending. We have a 60-tonne machine that can effectively work with 4mm plate materials over 2400mm in length. If your design has unusual parts or shapes, we can handle those too. Our various machine dies allow us to bend sheet metal of unusual radii, while our window dies are perfect for bending closed-loop profiles. This allows flexibility and creativity in your designs. We pride ourselves on bringing quality and precision to your projects. With us, your designs will come to life exactly as envisioned.

  • CAD designed, cut and bent sheet metal designs
  • 60 Tonne machine capable of 4mm plate over 2400mm long
  • Various machined dies for bending unusual radii
  • Window dies for bending closed loop profiles

Marine Stainless Steel Repair and Fabrication

  • Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium fabricators
  • Pressure Pipe Work
  • Handrails and balustrade